What happened when whatsapp are remove from our phone.?

What happened when whatsapp are remove from our phone.?

Mobile phones are just like basic need for humans.. it’s just make easy to connect people.
But the technology may remain grow and still developing new gadget to make our life easy but some are don’t stop to do because it makes us lazzy..
The most powerful evocation in word is MOBILE PHONE
And their component like T.V COMPUTER AND TABLETS
 Most common things are to separate a mobile phone to a computer which is *WHATSAPP*


WHATSAPP is an android application which may using our IP Adress to provide messaging calling and Video call.. that help to connect each other
It may also allow to send document file.. amd other pictures and videos.

Whatsapp Is free  or not  ?

Whatsapp is totally dependent on our network services  (4G.3G.2G.or GSM)

Why it’s make us lazzy (mindless)

some people are crazzy about whatsapp they all night all day busy with creating some things making chat with friends and relatives but they do not care about the time they west their time

 why make mobile importance for whatsapp

 so many work are do on laptops pc and computer but there is only one WHATSAPP is required mobile phone which make phone nessary for whatsapp because we try to connect whatsapp with laptops and phone they need our mobile phone
 Let us think about when whatsapp are not invented
 we are free to conversation each other not like typing and doing finger chatting which is like irretatble

i think when whaysapp is no more to use our phone… because we do our all things on our laptops or pc and computer Only whatsapp is runing on our phones

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