Questions class 10th metals and non metals

1. Name one lustrous non-metal.
2. Name two metals that are soft and can be cut with a knife.
3. Number of electrons gained or lost by an element is called its..
4. What are minerals ?
5. What is the process of depositing zinc on iron called ?
6. Which metal do not react with water at all ?
7. Name the ion made by non-metals – cation/anion.
8. Bronze is an alloy made by the combination of…………..and..
9. Name two metals that are stored in kerosene oil.
10. Arrange copper, silver and aluminium in increasing order of reactivity.
1. Give reasons :
(a) Why is pure gold not suitable for making ornaments ?
(b) Why calcium is found in the form of compound ?
(c) Why electrical wires are coated with PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) ?
(d) Why do we apply oil on iron tools kept in storage ?
(e) Why sodium is stored in kerosene oil ?
1. Why caesium and gallium melt in our palm ?
2. Why magnesium ribbon starts floating in hot water ?
3. What are ionic compounds ?
4. Complete the following chemical reactions :
(a) 3Fe + 4H2O →
(b) Ca + H2O +
(c) K+H2O →
5. To obtain metal from their metal oxide, which chemical process is used ?
Give the chemical equation as well.

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