Purification of metal Refining

Purification of metal Refining

Some Important Terms

(a) Gangue : Ores are usually contaminated with large amount of impurities such
as soil, sand etc. called gangue.

(b) Roasting : The sulphide ores are converted into oxides by heating strongly in

Metals And Non-Metals
the presence of excess air. This process is called roasting.
2ZnS + 302 ——> 2Zn0 + 2802

(c) Calcination : The carbonate ores are changed into oxides by heating strongly
in limited air. This process is called calcination.

ZnCO, ———> ZnO + CO2

(d) Reduction : Metal oxides are reduced to corresponding metals by using
reducing agent like carbon.

ZnO + C > Zn+ CO
Refining of Metals

The most widely used method for refining impure metal is electrolytic refining.

Electrolytic refining

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