Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current class 10th

Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current class 10th

Magnet is any substance that attracts iron or iron-like substances.
Properties of Magnet

(i) Every magnet has two poles i.e., North and South.

(ii) Like poles repel each other.

(iii)Unlike poles attract each other.

(iv)A freely suspended bar magnet aligns itself in nearly north-south
direction, with its north pole towards north direction.

Magnetic Field : The area around a magnetic in which its magnetic force can
be experienced.

  1.  Its SI unit is Tesla (T).
  2.  Magnetic field has both magnitude and direction.
  3. Magnetic field can be described with help of a magnetic compass.
  4. The needle of a magnetic compass is a freely suspended bar magnet.

Characteristics of Field Lines

(i) Field lines arise from North pole and end into South pole of the magnet.

(ii) Field lines are closed curves.

(iii)Field lines are closer in stronger magnetic field.

(iv) Field lines never intersect each other as for two lines to intersect, there must be
two north directions at a point, which is not possible.

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