Chemical Reactions class 10th notes​

Chemical Reactions class 10th notes

what is chemical reaction

The process in which new substances with new properties are
formed from one or more substances is called Chemical Reaction.

* The substances which take part in chemical reaction are called

* The substances which are formed in a chemical reaction are called

  • Examples :
    (i) Digestion of food
    (ii) Respiration
    (iii) Rusting of iron
    (iv) Burning of Magnesium ribbon
    (v) Formation of curd
    Chemical reaction involves :
     Change in state
     Change in colour
    Change in temperature
  • Evolution of gas

* A chemical reaction can be represented by chemical equation.
It involves uses of symbol of elements or chemical formula of reactant
and product with mention of physical state.

* Thenecessary conditions suchastemperature, pressure orany catalyst
should be written on arrow between reactant and products.

e.g. Magnesium is burnt in air to form magnesium oxide.

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