Atoms And Molecules

Atoms And Molecules

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Laws of Chemical Combination
The chemical reaction between two or more substances giving rise to
products is governed by certain laws. These laws are called ‘Laws of Chemical


Law of Conservation of Mass
According to this law, “Mass can neither be created nor destroyed.

In a chemical reaction, this law can be understood in the following way :

During a chemical reaction total mass of reactants will be equal to total
mass of products.

Law of Constant Proportion
According to this law, “A pure chemical compound always contain the same
elements combined together in the same proportion by mass irrespective of
the fact from where the sample has been taken or from which procedure has
it been produced.

What mass of oxygen gas would be required to react completely with 3.0
gm of hydrogen gas ?


Dalton’s Atomic Theory
Based upon laws of chemical combination, Dalton’s Atomic Theory
provided an explanation for the Law of Conservation of Mass and Law of
Constant Composition

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